Memento Gold Armchair Athezza
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Memento Armchair


Avaiilability :

  • Gold : 24/5/2024
  • Fox : 11/6/2024
  • Petrol : 24/5/2024
  • White : 11/6/2024
  • Kaki : 15/5/2024
  • Orange burnt : in stock
  • Grey : in stock
  • Plain Blue : 22/6/2024
  • Plain Orange : 11/6/2024
  • Plain Mustard : 15/5/2024
  • Plain Light green : 22/6/2024
  • Plain Green : 22/6/2024
  • Plain Red : in stock
  • Plain Black : 15/5/2024
  • Plain Lilas : 11/6/2024
  • Plain Rose : 22/6/2024
  • Chiné grey mouse : 21/5/2024
  • Chiné green moss : 11/3/2024
  • Chiné beige : 4/7/2024
€549.00 (VAT incl.) €457.50 (VAT excl.)

Memento Armchair by Athezza. The Memento velvet armchair is all curves and generous volumes. Popular for its comfortable swivel seat, the Memento velvet armchair is 100% retro. Highly prized for its generously padded seat and swivel function, it offers a remarkable seating experience.

  • Dimensions : 81X84XH84cm.
  • Fabric polyester 355g/m2
  • Material foot : Metal
  • Depth Seat : 50cm
  • Width Seat : 80.7cm
  • Height Seat : 44.5cm
  • Height armrest : 55cmCare instructions for the Memento cotton velvet armchair :

When unpacking the armchair, slight marks may appear on the fabric, caused by transport. These will disappear if you gently iron the fabric at low/medium temperature.

We recommend regular brushing with a soft textile brush. Scrubbing brushes have bristles that are too hard and risk damaging the fabric. Steam cleaners should also be avoided.

You can use a vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloth or chamois leather.

For a thorough cleaning of your armchair, use the traditional mixture of soapy water and white vinegar. It's enough to revive a moderately dirty velvet. We don't recommend increasing the dose, as this will damage the fabric.

Apply the mixture evenly to the upholstery with a well wrung-out cloth. Use a washcloth to rinse the fabric and dry with a terry towel.

Once the velvet is dry, sprinkle your sofa with talcum powder and leave overnight. This time is necessary to avoid clumping. Vacuum the next day.

For a delivery outside mainland France, please contact us.

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