Wallpaper Keystone Casamance
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Wallpaper Keystone

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Keystone wallpaper by Casamance, Collection Apaches : The journey over the plains and immense open spaces begins with “ Apaches ”. The history of the American Indians and their ancestral learnings are interpreted by a woven effect which brings a look of textile to the collection. The walls represent seemingly endless spaces, bathed in the colours of Colorado, changed by the sun and weathered by the wind.

  • Composition : 20-40% cellulose /7-15% polyester/ 6-12% pigment /1-2%acrylic binder latex/10-20% polyvinyle chloride/10-20% diisononyl phtalate/8-15% calcium carbonate/1-3% titanium dioxyde/1% ink
  • Grain : fabric aspect
  • Width : 70cm / 28 inches
  • Number of drops : 3 x (68 cm x 3 m)
  • Weight : 330g/m2
  • Match : straight
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