Wallpaper Artemis Casamance
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Wallpaper Artemis

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Artemis wallpaper by Casamance, Collection Panoramas, a collection of panoramic wallpanels to revolutionise style, remove lilitations and invite you on a journey. Whether you choose to disappear into vast African plains, venture deep into forests or stroll the streets of Paris, if you seek inspiration from the creative genius of great artists or a walk along a track in a valley in Tuscany, embrace the extravagant. Hand-drawn, our panoramas are the result of unique creations made by our stylists. At Casamance, their talent is expressed through artistic disciplines as varied as watercolor, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, colored ink or India ink. Some techniques complement each other, such as pastel and watercolor; the materials overlap, accentuating the reliefs of landscapes borrowed from softness.

Goddess of the wildnerness, Artemis lends her name to a hamonious composition of vegetation. Freeing the imagination, she introduces astonishing geometric plants with stylised foliage. Her bright colours come to life on a soft white or in the depths of a midnight black. Artemis is available in a range of elegant shades. Artemis coordinates with the cotton satin Giardini.

  • Code : 7487
  • Composition : 20-40% cellulose /7-15% polyester/ 6-12% pigment /1-2%acrylic binder latex/10-20% polyvinyle chloride/10-20% diisononyl phtalate/8-15% calcium carbonate/1-3% titanium dioxyde/1% ink
  • Width : 68cm / 27 inches
  • Number of drops : 3
  • Weight : 330g/m2
  • Match : straight
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