Diffused Aura Rug Linie Design
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Diffused Aura Rug

Linie Design
€2,595.00 (VAT incl.) €2,162.50 (VAT excl.)
Disponible sous 7 day(s)

Linie Design Rugs : Experience the feeling of  exclusive style and tradition with a beautifully hand-made Rug with a touch of nordic character designed for modern homes. Each Rug is carefully hand-crafetd by master artisans using the finest materials. 

Acknowledged Danish designers and highly skilled Indian weavers work together to ensure very exclusive collections : streamlined, though handmade; functional though aesthetic. Beautiful colours, outstanding materials and dynamic renewal are a matter of course, whilst the environment is top of mind.

You buy a rug, but you also enrich your life with long-lasting fascination for high-quality rugs.

Diffused Aura Rug by Linie Design, Dimensuous collection, a collection arising from the desire to create a collection that can transcend the boundaries of physical perception. Exquisite handmade rugs designed to arouse senses and feelings through expressive use of form, colour and structure. A creative intersection where form, materials and emotions are sensuously fused to elevate woven art to a new dimension.

  • Characteristics: Handknotted
  • Material : 100% wool
  • Designer : Linie Design
  • Category : Pattern Rug
  • Several sizes.

Linie Design collection is exclusively made of high quality materials.

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