Deckchair Mauleon Céladon Artiga
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Deckchair Mauleon Céladon

€89.00 (VAT incl.) €74.17 (VAT excl.)

Artiga was founded in 1910 in the Basque Region, in the South West of France. Since then, it has remained loyal to the Basque Spirit which depicts the warmth of the old tradition of weaving. Basque Linens are made from high quality color resistant fabrics. The quality is guaranteed by the strength and resistance of the products.

First quality 100% cotton Mauleon Céladon. Very high quality structure in natural beechwood.

Dimensions when folded : 132cmx56cmx4cm.
Dimensions when opened : 95cmx56cmx96cm.
Weight : 4.2kg. Authorized maximum weight : 160kg.

Dimensions of the fabric by Artiga : 42cm x 130cm with a 5cm hem at each end.
The fabric is set on wooden structure of the deckchair and fastened with 2 triangular wooden sticks slipped in each hem of the fabric. The fabric is removable.

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