Rug Wabi Sabi Angelo
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Rug Wabi Sabi

€868.80 (VAT incl.) €1,086.00 -20% €724.00 (VAT excl.)

Wabi Sabi Rug by Angelo. Nothing can be perfect, but beauty exists in imperfection.

Wabi sabi is a concept embracing the beauty of natural flaws inspired by Japanese philosophy. In Japanese culture, Wabi Sabi has been practiced for years. Wabi sabi is a Japanese philosophy that has existed since the 15th century until today. It was born as a reaction to the prevailing trends of the time, which focused on excessive ornamentation, lavishness and the use of rare materials for luxury.

  • Quality: Handwtufted
  • Height : 10mm
  • Weight : 3.2kg/m2

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