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Rug Treatment TexGuard Protection

Toulemonde Bochart
€64.00 (VAT incl.) €53.33 (VAT excl.)

Indispensable to live carefree the small accidents of the everyday life, the treatment TexGuard allows you to be more serene in front of tasks. It protects the fiber of the carpet, waterproofs it and leaves you more time to intervene on the tasks. Your carpet benefits from an invisible, odourless and environment-friendly protection, it is also protected from acarids. The treatment is vaporized before expedition.

  • TexGuard penetrates material right through to the weft meaning it can protect and proof rugs and carpets against water and oil penetration and all kinds of stains.
  • TexGuard is easily and quickly applied, will make cleaning easier, offers protection will not change the texture, look or alter the non-flammable qualities of your material, and is excellent value for money.
  • Material treated with TexGuard water repellent will offset a fabric's ageing and facilitate its care.
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