Toulemonde Bochart rugs

Elegant geometric forms, fascinating optical illusions, the world as a source of inspiration : japanese origami, middle eastern henna decorations, african and indian influences, the Toulemonde Bochart rugs come in many sizes, so that the ideal rug is always at your feet.

Toulemonde Bochart rugs are renowned for their high quality, modernity and elegance:

  • Handwoven: here no knot, but a loop maintained by the tightening of the weft. A glueing allows the maintenance of the whole.
  • Hand tufted: the design is printed on a canvas, stretched on a frame. The threads are stitched into this canvas by a gun, either manual or electric to form the velvet.
  • Hand-knotted: The design is done stitch by stitch following a pattern on a grid paper. The smaller the stitch, the more precise the design.