Sirius Liva White Star
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Liva Star White

€32.00 (VAT incl.) €26.67 (VAT excl.)
Disponible sous 1 day(s)
Liva - Simple and elegant white metal Star with 80 LED lights  by Sirius. The star is battery operated and has built-in timer function. 
  • The heart will turn off automaticly after 6 hours, (if you don´t turn it off your self). 
  • After 18 hours, the star will turn on again, and so it continues, if you do not use "off" button.
  • The star gives a warm natural light. Comes in a beatiful Sirius gift box. 
  • The 2xAAA batteries are hidden in a decorative metalholder. 
  • Batteries are sold separately
  • Only for indoor use. 
2 dimensions : 80 lights, height 70cm, 40 lights, height 30cm