Wallpaper Zostera Casamance
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Wallpaper Zostera

€143.00 (VAT incl.) €119.17 (VAT excl.)

Wallpaper Zostera by Casamance belongs to the Golfe de Bengale collection. Set sail for a vast bay in the Indian Ocean, dotted with small islands where seagrass is cultivated. Let’s dock on the largest of them, Sri Lanka…Once known as the Resplendent Isle because of its abundant vegetation, it is composed of mountains, forests and mangroves. The collection features magnificent designs with a tropical inspiration on papers with extraordinary textures. It also focuses on the foliage of the native trees in a delicate design, recreating the natural look of plant fibres on the walls.

Zostera wallpaper borrows from the appearance of hand-woven and glued seagrass fibres. This references bears the name of a sea fibre that represents the natural look of this texture. A print, taken from actual seagrass, is applied to a pre-printed vinyl. This gives a deep-grain and recreates the intensity of the colours. Beautifully supple, it can be hung without a match to give an irregular and natural look and is available in a range of 8 natural shades.

  • Composition : vinyl, non-woven backed
  • Grain : natural/plant aspect
  • Width : 70cm / 28 Inches
  • Weight : 440g/m²
  • Height : Sold by roll of 10.05m, 11 Yards
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