Fabric Safflower Casamance
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Fabric Safflower

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Camara is a collection inspired by plants, in which embroidery of branch patterns sits alongside laminated velvets and pleated voiles; where jacquards and lampas welcome a shimmering viscose, which contrasts with the roughness of the wool and linen. Shades of vanillas, mother of pearl, grey, taupe, and lichen, stalwarts of the plant world, blend into more floral colours of plum and amber-yellow, turquoise and orange.

  • Collection : Camara
  • Reference : 3579
  • Width : 139 cm
  • Composition : 100% cotton (50% viscose 50% polyester embroidery)
  • Width repeat : 69 cm
  • Height repeat : 38 cm

Available in the following colours :

tissu casamance safflower beige écru tissu casamance safflower beige rouille tissu casamance safflower ecu gris tissu casamance safflower marron/beige
Beige/ecru Beige/rust Ecu/grey Brown/beige
tissu casamance safflower marron/violet tissu casamance safflower moutarde marron tissu casamance safflower vert ecru
Brown/purple Mustard/brown  Green/ecru

Product after care :
interdiction lavagefer 110Nettoyage à secinterdiction javelinterdiction au seche linge

Product usage :
Utilisation pour rideauxUtilisation pour coussin

Minimal order is 100cm (=1 meter), then by 10cm.

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