Fabric Pampero
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Fabric Pampero

€98.00 / m

Pampero fabric by Casamance belongs to the Hegoa collection. Embroidery, appliqué, quilted, spray dyed and stone washed make Hegoa a collection with a spirit of craftsmanship, that reinforces the use of linen, the cotton heels closely. The tones are soft, marriages of neutral colors with powdery pinks, aniseed greens, amber yellows.

  • Collection : Hegoa
  • Part number : 3599
  • Width : 136 cm
  • Composition : 100% polyester

Available in the following colours :

tissu casamance pampero beige tissu casamance pampero blanc tissu casamance pampero gris fonce
Beige Blanc Gris foncé
tissu casamance pampero gris tissu casamance pampero jaune tissu casamance pampero taupe
Gris Jaune Taupe

Cleaning instructions :
Interdiction au lavageinterdiction ferNettoyage à secinterdiction javelinterdiction au seche linge

Use :
Utilisation pour rideauxUtilisation pour coussin

Minimal order is 100cm (=1 meter), then by 10cm.

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