Fabric Ombre Casamance 3629
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Fabric Ombre

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Ombre fabric by Casamance belongs to the Chaumont collection. Chaumont highlights a magnified and stylized nature. The materials are put in the spotlight to create subtle contrasts between the matte and the gloss, like games of shadows and lights that would draw a summer landscape.

  • Collection : Chaumont
  • Code : 3629
  • Width : 286cm
  • Composition : 35% linen, 20% cotton, 15% polyester, 15% wool

Available in the following colours :

ombre-blanc-casamance.jpg ombre-beige-casamance.jpg ombre-ficelle-casamance.jpg ombre-sable-casamance.jpg
ombre blanc 36290874 ombre beige 36290721 ombre ficelle 36290468 ombre sable 36290613
ombre-gris-casamance.jpg ombre-anthracite-casamance.jpg ombre-taupe-casamance.jpg ombre-moka-casamance.jpg
ombre gris 36290509 ombre anthracite 36290145 ombre taupe 36290391 ombre moka 36290215

Cleaning instructions for the fabric Ombre by Casamance :
Nettoyage à secinterdiction javelinterdiction au seche lingeP2.jpg

Use :
Utilisation pour rideaux

Minimal order is 100cm (=1 meter), then by 10cm.

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