Fabric Frenesie
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Fabric Frenesie

€166.00 / m

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Frénésie fabric by Casamance belongs to the Impulsion collection. Irresistible and spontaneous, "Impulse" possesses the living force that encourages us to imagine and create. It sparkles with strong hues, enjoys a game of geometry and infuses a crazy energy. In an atmosphere of pleasure and creativity, colors explode, novelties and ideas mingle, lines and curves intersect, undulate and seem to dance.

  • Code : 3792
  • Width : 132cm
  • Composition : 37% cotton 35% viscose 28% polyester
  • Horizontal pattern repeat : 33cm
  • Vertical pattern repeat : 17cm


Available in the following colours :

frenesie-fuchsia-casamance.jpg frenesie-gris-casamance.jpg frenesie-blush-casamance.jpg
fuchsia gris perle blush
bleu topaze

Cleaning instructions for the fabric Frenesie by Casamance :
Interdiction au lavageinterdiction au seche lingeinterdiction javel3.giff.gif

Use :
Utilisation pour rideauxUtilisation pour coussin

Minimal order is 100cm (=1 meter), then by 10cm.

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