Deckchair Topaze Les Toiles du Soleil
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Deckchair Topaze

Les Toiles du Soleil
€108.00 (VAT incl.) €90.00 (VAT excl.)

The "Toiles du Soleil" present a large variety of weaving and coloured fabrics, manufactured artisanalement in French Catalonia.

First quality 100% cotton. Very high quality structure in natural beechwood.

Dimensions when folded : 132cmx56cmx4cm.
Dimensions when opened : 95cmx56cmx96cm.
Weight : 4.2kg. Authorized maximum weight : 160kg. 

Dimensions of the fabric : 43cm x 130cm with a 5cm hem at each end. 
The fabric is set on wooden structure of the deckchair and fastened with 2 triangular wooden sticks slipped in each hem of the fabric. The fabric is removable.

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