Arguto Rug Linie Design
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Arguto Rug

Linie Design
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Linie Design Rugs : Experience the feeling of  exclusive style and tradition with a beautifully hand-made Rug with a touch of nordic character designed for modern homes. Each Rug is carefully hand-crafetd by master artisans using the finest materials. 

Acknowledged Danish designers and highly skilled Indian weavers work together to ensure very exclusive collections : streamlined, though handmade; functional though aesthetic. Beautiful colours, outstanding materials and dynamic renewal are a matter of course, whilst the environment is top of mind.

You buy a rug, but you also enrich your life with long-lasting fascination for high-quality rugs.

Arguto Rug by Linie Design.

  • Characteristics: Hand-woven
  • Material : 100% Wool
  • Designer : Linie Design
  • Category : Pattern Rug
  • Several sizes.

Available in the following colours :

Tapis Arguto Linie Design combi Tapis Arguto Linie Design mixed Tapis Linie Design Arguto rose Tapis Arguto Linie Design multi
combi mixed rose multi

Linie Design collection is exclusively made of high quality materials.

  • The rugs are made in standard sizes but most are also available in special made-to-order sizes.
  • In order to improve the rug's durability and to prevent any rub-off onto the floor,  an underlay must be used.
  • The rugs can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • If further cleaning is required, Linie Design recommends contacting a professional for further information and advice.
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