Outdoor Yply headrest excellent confort and rest at the beach
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Outdoor headrest


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On the sand, the pebbles, or even on lawns; for reading, sunbathing, for a nap or on pick nick, Y-ply offers you new comfort outdoors at every opportunity. Its multiple uses (back, headrest, pillow...) allow you to sit or lie comfortably in various positions.

Although very compact and lightweight when stored, Y-ply offers excellent comfort in numerous resting position outdoors.


  • Sitting position : When sitting just lean back on your Y-ply and you will feel comfortable on the sand, pebbles or grass.

The angle between bust and legs can be adjusted as needed. Thus, your elbows are free to read, write, simply keep an eye on the children or enjoy the scenery.

  • Lying down position (cushion - headrest) : When lying, Y-ply is particularly comfortable for reading or sunbathing with your face fully exposed to the sun. Two resting positions are possible, allowing your neck to be supported effectively and your back to relax.

Side position : This position enables you to reduce the pressure on your elbow, when reading for example.

  • Foot rest : Y-ply may also be used as a foot rest to lift your legs.
  • Available in the following colours :
dossier de plage Yply fuchsia dossier de plage Yply bleu dossier de plage Yply bleu roy
pink  fuchsia blue blue roy

Ready in one click, Y-ply is light, compact and smart.

It comes in a waterproof fabric bag that can carry and protect a magazine or a wet swimsuit.