La Volière shade tambour Mathieu Challieres
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La Volière shade tambour

Mathieu Challières
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The French designer Mathieu Challières makes a range of enchanting lamps and chandeliers in their Parisian atelier. Each piece is individually made by hand, the styles ranges from the Baroque right through to Contemporary.

The volière lighting by Mathieu Challières is a beautiful, copper-wire lamps housing delicate birds of every colour. These frozen menageries seem to await the fairy dust that will bring them to life and let them flutter free from their birdcage. Mathieu Challières avoids the mumsy pastiche of putting birds on a chandelier by turning the cage into the chandelier. Warming and delicate, the fantastic whimsy of these pieces lures us out of the safety of modernism into a brave new world where illusion is king and rooms are transformed by avian mirages. What a dream to be a bird !

Dimensions : Height : 55cm, diameter 38cm.


Warning : The colours may be slighlty different from those on the picture : This light is mainly hand made, dimensions and finish may vary from one to another. Each cage will have the same bird positions meanwhile their colours will vary, so that each and everyone bird lamp is unique.

Mathieu Challières all rights reserved.

This product is declared compliant with EC standards. For countries requiring 110 volts like USA, fixtures are equipped upon request with US standards lampholders and cord sets (UL - RU approval).

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