Soft, colourful and confortable cushions by Casamance, Maison de Vacances, Les Toiles du Soleil, Artiga, Tissage de Luz.

A touch of decoration on a bench, a headboard, in the hollow of an armchair ... and the atmosphere of the room warms up, as in a stroke of paint. Choose from our large collection of cushions with vitaminized stripes or chic patterns. Cushions, cushion covers Casamance, Podevache, Pomax, Maison de Vacances, Les Toiles du Soleil ...

Deep plain cushions, pure and harmonious cushions, fine embroideries, subtly designed printed cushions, beautiful jacquards: the cushions compete with colors, influences and delicacy to create a truly unique personalized touch and reinvent the most beautiful contemporary interiors. Each shade and each cushion design has been thought out to cultivate a perfect harmony whatever the style or pattern. The mix & match of our DIY cushion collection is tinged with the choices of everyone, offering immense creativity.

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