Wallpaper Posidonie Casamance
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Wallpaper Posidonie

€134.00 (VAT incl.) €111.67 (VAT excl.)
Disponible sous 5 day(s)

Wallpaper Posidonie by Casamance. The Orphee collection recalls the “Cortège d’Orphée” by Apollinaire, in which the poet associates an animal portrait with an image. An exquisite collection, ORPHEE brings wonderful drawings to life allowing the magic of the plant and animals kingdoms to emerge. Subtly used over matte inks, metallic flashes highlight the illustrations in the collection, adding depth to the patterns and revealing the sophistication of its contours.

A luminous collection, with rich colours, immersing us in the depths of the oceans and the forests. The force of nature is displayed in the harmony of the grain and the patterns.

  • Grain : smooth
  • Width : 68.6cm
  • Weight : 147g/m²
  • Height : Sold by roll of 10.05m
  • Match : Straight
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